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Streaming Subscription Or Download Stories

*My free podcast on iTunes "Adventure of the Month" includes a small portion of all the stories I have published. I will continue to publish one story a month as usual. There is a link from "Podcast" tab.

The Podcast is iTunes editor choice for Stories for Kids under the category Kids & Family.

It is also available on Stichers and Pandora.

*Before you subscribe on this page for the paid service, I encourage you to listen to the free podcast. Explore the high quality and content of this podcast for children.


*If you want to listen to more stories using unlimited streaming  they are available on this web site, under "Members Only" and "New Stories" tabs. Subscription is very affordable at $0.99/month. No commitment, and you can cancel anytime. One subscription to access the stories under both categories. 

*You can listen to the episodes streamed from my page. So you need to be connected to the internet to listen. Episodes cannot be downloaded like podcast. Think of it like Netflix for audio.

*To subscribe, sign in with an e-mail from "member only" page, you will be prompted to subscribe to the monthly plan $0.99.


*Currently we are only accepting PayPal as method of payment.

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