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This page is developed specicifally to serve primary care physicians and providers to enhance their practice and outcomes through improvng their understanding of neuroligcal issues


This is the third episode about this subject, and the only one of the three in a video format. In this video episode you will get familiar with fibromyalgia tender points exam, with further discussion of the most common diagnosis that could mimic a positive local exam.   

Amr Al-Hariri, MD

In this episode I will address 3 questions:

1-      What is subclinical hypothyroidism?

2-      What conditions which could mimic subclinical hypothyroidism?

3-      What do I do?

By Amr Al-Hariri, MD 

In this episode, I am to address the following questions:

1-      Neurologic manifestations of overt hypothyroidism

2-      Is my patient neurologic symptom due to subclinical hypothyroidism?

3-      What we do at Templeton Institute for Neurology

Amr Al-Hariri, MD 

In this episode I am going to address the following issues:




1-      What is a physician burnout syndrome

2-      What are the causes of this syndrome

3-      Self diagnosis made easy

4-      Possible remedies and interventions. 

Amr Al-Hariri, MD

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