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Headache Clinic at Your Home

Your quality of life is likely way below where it should be, if you have only occasional migraine, but still have some of the following:

  • Wake up with mild pressure in the head.

  • Does not wake up refreshed every day.

  • Having difficulty with memory, concentration and multi-tasking.

  • Always asking others to not speak too loud, turn the TV down, or avoid socializing because it gets you irritable. 

  • Driving at night makes you uncomfortable, as the lights of the coming cars shine into yours eyes. 

  • Feels like you are floating most of the day. 

  • You changed your diet, stopped chocolate, went gluten free, and cut down on sugars; and still cannot get your head clear. 

Allow me to help you, and stop missing on better quality of life.

Not in my office in Orange County, but where it is convenient for you, at home or work, using your mobile device or computer. 

No apps, no downloads. 

Best, your insurance and Medicare have changed the rules in March 2020, and they pay for that like any other doctor’s office visit.

Headache Clinic at Home is a very effective and convenient, and the service is covered by your insurance and Medicare, very much like your regular doctor’s office visit. 

Using Tele-Medicine, you get to do your consult or follow up from your computer or mobile phone from wherever is convenient for you.

You could first call us to see if we are listed in your insurance provider list. In general we are listed in all major PPO insurances.
Our office will e-mail you all the required forms that you fill usually on paper for your office visit. 
You e-mail back the forms with a photo of your insurace card and ID. 
Our staff will call you to set up an appointment and answer any questions you may have.
A link will be e-mailed to you to where you can connect with the provider by video. No apps or software is required to download, work on any computer or mobile device, and HIPPA compliant.
If you belong to a managed care entity like Kaiser, or you do not have insurance at the moment, we offer reasonable monthly plan of $50/month, with initial consultation of $250.
Email us at:

Call us at: 714-541-6800

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