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Tarek ad kaden Podcast

Tarek and Kaden are 7th grader, they call themselves "professional podcasters".

It is a Podcast for kids by kids


For Children: Adventure, enchantment, romance, magic, princes and princesses in these stories from all over the world.

For Parents: Enhance your child brain imagination ability by focusing on auditory stimulation. Developed and produced by Amr Al-Hariri, MD 

These stories are written by cultures all over the world, refined over many generations of story telling. They are amazing adventures with powerful values and invaluable lessons.


Cowboy came to our family from the shelter to become best friend with the kids and help us raise them.
This is his story presented in the most unusual way of a podcast. If you find it boring like some kids posted, then try the many other awesome adventures and fairy tales from all over the world.

Written and produced by Amr Al-Hariri MD

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